A little bit about me ...

Miranda Alexes

About Me:


Hi there, I’m Miranda, the owner of Miranda Alexes Chocolates...


My business is set up in my home in Rhayader, Mid Wales.

I have always had an interest in learning about the creation of chocolates, cupcakes, anything sweet since a very young age.

I decided after 3 years of attending courses to create my own chocolate business. Now fulfilling my dream passion and creating chocolates that you will love using the finest ingredients.


I am a qualified chocolatier having attended chocolate courses at the Chocolate Academy in Banbury, Oxford, developing my art, making sure I have chocolate tempered to a very shiny gloss and ganaches which everyone likes and keeping my skills fine tuned.

This is a new chapter for me which has only just started, bringing a lifelong passion into reality. The chocolates that I make are all bespoke, 100% handmade and made with Belgian Chocolate, ranging from different themed chocolate lollipops i.e. unicorns, dalmatians, trains, paw prints to name a few to filled chocolates with flavoured ganaches and truffles, praline to caramel, amaretto and champagne…where flavours and creativity are endless.

I have many types of moulds that are used for different occasions, such as top hats and bow ties and roses for Wedding favours, to horseshoe plaques, horse heads, golf balls, unicorns, artist palettes to name a few. 

My mission is to have chocolates that you will remember the flavour of, and will leave you wanting more. Chocolates can be made in any design for any occasion and even coloured with cocoa butter to fit a theme, i.e. wedding or a themed night.


Whilst this is a new business continuing to expland and develop, please note that this is not my fulltime career at the moment, so if you would like to place an order, please give me 7 days notice so that I can complete your request.

If there is anything you would like to buy, or questions you would like to ask, please contact me via email or text and I will respond to you ASAP.